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Information you might find helpful.

What is an entry fee or buy-in?

It’s a large, lump-sum payment made upon move-in to a community that typically covers costs associated with your residence, comprehensive services and amenities, and long-term care. Generally, part of this sum is refundable to your estate after residency ends. River Highlands provides all of the above, but as a rental community, it doesn’t require an entry fee.

Are utilities included?

Yes — all utilities and basic cable (except telephone and Internet services).

Can family and grandchildren visit?

Yes, we encourage friends and family to visit and enjoy the on-site dining, welcoming living spaces, and various events and activities with their loved ones.

What services are included under the monthly fee?
  • Weekly housekeeping & linen service
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Planned social events, educational programs and activities available every day
  • Licensed Nurses
  • 24-hour supervision and emergency response
How does continuing care at River Highlands benefit me and my loved ones?

You have the security of knowing that as you and your loved ones age, you have access to services and amenities that can accommodate both your current and future lifestyle, preferences and needs. With access to on-site assisted living, memory care, and other therapeutic and support services, you never have to worry about who to turn to for short- or long-term health care.

Why is on-site care such an advantage?

If you ever need additional assistance in assisted living or memory care, you’ll have access to it with no uncertainty about cost or quality. Your caregivers will be part of your own community and if your spouse needs care, you won’t need to commute or change your address to be near a loved one who is receiving care. River Highlands also offers Concierge Personal Care – on-site, concierge medical services such as doctor’s visits and lab work that are person-centered, person-driven, and delivered in the comfort of home. For individuals needing assistance while recovering from an injury or illness, respite care is available for short-term stays.

What does River Highlands offer that's different than my current residence?

Increased options and opportunities. The chance to try new things and continue lifelong passions. You can choose among educational and recreational activities, join special-interest clubs, attend holiday parties and community events, take exercise and wellness classes, and so much more.

Easier living. Convenient access to the essentials – like our community beauty salon and barber shop, library and computer center, theater, billiards room, a variety of dining options, and more – is just right outside your door. Our staff takes care of all the chores, inside and out, including housekeeping and maintenance — saving you and your loved one time and effort year round! We also provide assistance with local transportation if and when you need it.

A genuine sense of belonging. When you or a loved one lives at River Highlands, you feel that you’re among family because residents and staff care about you like one of their own.

Added security. You’ll never have to worry about who will take care of you or your loved ones in the future. That means ultimate peace of mind for you and your family.

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