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Dementia Care at River Highlands

The Difference Is Quality of Life.

Dementia refers to the symptoms of memory loss that interfere with a person’s daily life. It varies from individual to individual, and so do the causes, which range from infection and vascular disease to depression, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. At River Highlands, we understand that dementia can be overwhelming, both for the individuals dealing directly with the symptoms as well as for the concerned families of the individuals diagnosed.

If your loved one is struggling with memory impairment, dementia care at River Highlands can help ease your worries, as together we create a plan specific to your loved one’s symptoms, causes and treatment options. We know how important it is to find a team of professional caregivers and trusted support system, which is why the memory care staff at River Highlands has been specially trained to respect and respond to each resident’s values, differences and personal preferences. You’ll find that makes dementia care at River Highland especially unique — we focus on providing an individualized, holistic approach to better health, wellness and quality of life.

Dementia care at River Highlands offers those facing the challenges of memory loss opportunities to remain happy and healthy, as well as reduce symptoms in a safe, secure environment. Every detail of our community has been thoughtfully planned to anticipate your loved one’s needs and interests — from personalized activities to familiar surroundings and secured courtyards that make them feel  connected, safe and engaged.

Connection & Compassion for Those with Memory Loss

Our private memory care residences are designed to provide the utmost in safety and support for individuals with memory loss. We use enhanced security measures to accommodate the needs of our residents, ensuring they maintain as much independence as possible while still remaining protected within our dementia care neighborhood. Furthermore, the open gathering areas encourage familiarity and fellowship between neighbors, family members and staff.

Your loved one can lead a life of greater fulfillment and satisfaction, spending time with family and friends in a secure homelike environment. Find the sense of comfort and security that specialized dementia care brings at River Highlands. Call today to arrange a tour.

Top Tips for Researching Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities.

With so many options for assisted living and memory care available, the following research tips can help guide you to make the best possible choice for your situation. We’ve also included important questions to ask as you learn more about assisted living communities.

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