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Even the most devoted caregivers may find times when they’ll need to spend time away from their loved one — for those needing temporary caregiving assistance, River Highlands offers short-term respite care services. Whether you are going on vacation, handling personal business, need assistance with a loved one’s health issues or recovering from an injury or illness of your own, River Highlands can provide compassionate support for your loved one in a welcoming, secure environment.

Around the Clock Respite Care

You provide the generous and selfless gift of helping your loved one to continue living in a safe environment at home. Now, let us help you ensure your loved one will receive outstanding care and comfort by our highly trained professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Studies show 38 percent of family caregivers find the task to be emotionally stressful. Often neglecting their own self-care, caregivers may have fewer opportunities for regular exercise, eating healthy or maintaining a steady sleep schedule. However, taking care of yourself will in turn allow you to provide even better care to your loved one. That’s when respite care at River Highlands can help by giving caregivers a temporary break when needed to regroup and become re-energized.

A Short Stay That Can Make A World of  Difference

Our secure, welcoming environment provides peace of mind and relief as you take the necessary time to handle whatever is needed. At River Highlands, we understand it can be difficult to entrust your loved one’s care to someone else, but it’s also crucial as a family caregiver to be able to ask for and accept help. Whether you need a few days or a few weeks of respite care, our compassionate approach puts people first, encompassing all the individualized needs of those staying at our community — physical, intellectual, social and spiritual.

A visit to respite care at River Highlands is a short stay that can make a world of difference — your loved one will be provided with all of the convenient services and amenities we have to offer. What’s more, a short-term respite care stay can help you experience our senior living community before deciding on a move for you or a loved one.

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